Your last Prayer

Pray as if it's Your Last Prayer

The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, said:

"When you stand to pray, pray as if this is your last prayer." Sunan Ibn Majah.

And every action is judged by intention...

Do not despair if you feel as though your prayer is not yet "perfect". If you struggle to read Arabic. Or feel as though the steps to prayer are not quite correct. 

Instead, focus on what your goal is. Focus on who you are standing in front of. 

Prayer is your connection to Allah the Almighty. Stand as a humble servant. Stand as though He is there watching you. 

Then just try your best.

I speak with many revert sisters who are so afraid of "messing it up" that they don't get started. 

No, dear sister. Establish prayer. Let it become the centre of your day. Find comfort in making time for Him alone. Leave the worldly troubles on the prayer mat, and turn to Him in repentance, seeking comfort from the Healer of Hearts. 

If you need a helping hand with your prayer, check out our free video series: Step by Step Prayer Guide. 



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