rely on Allah

Rely upon Him

"And rely upon the Ever-Living who does not die." Qur'an 25:58

Do you position Allah in your life so that He alone is the One you rely on?

It is a sad fact that we will be let down by the ones we love the most. Whether that be our spouse, mother, sister, uncle, or best friend, everyone will let us down at some point in our life...But Allah the Almighty will not.

He will be there when you fall. 

He will be there to listen and guide you.

He will be there to hold you through the pain and the tears that flow.

He will be there to answer your dua, and support you through your struggles. 

And He will be there as you rise up again. As you dust off the wounds and become a survivor. 

When we truly rely on Him our hearts find ease. 

How is it that we seek comfort from those in this world, who just let us down? How is it that we don't turn to Him first, and seek the comfort that He provides? 

Turn to Him, dear sister. Find Him. Reach for Him. He is the Most Merciful, the All-Loving, the Comforter. He is your Lord.

May He wrap you up in His comfort and bring ease to your struggles. May He be the One you always rely on. Ameen

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