Make dua

Work on the Quality of Dua

"There is nothing more dear to Allah, than a servant making dua to Him." Authentic Hadith

Dua is the greatest connection between Allah and His servant. Sadly it often becomes a ritual that we don't put all our heart and effort into. 

But knowing Allah, getting closer to Him through prayer, and trusting Him is the way to earn His pleasure. 

Maybe you have tried everything but still, your dua is not answered- this is Qadr Allah. It is not meant to be at this moment in time. Allah is the All-Wise, and can see clearly what is good for us and what is not, although we may not feel the same or understand the reason. 

Work on the quality of dua to better connect to it. Don't make things become rituals that you lose ties to. 

-Start by praising Allah the Almighty- say Alhamdulillah

-Send blessing and peace on the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

-Thank Allah for what He has already blessed you with- we are all blessed with so much, yet sometimes we don't acknowledge it

-Use Allah's names, eg. Al Fattah, the Opener


May Allah accept from us, and answer our dua in the way that is best for us. May we be content with His response and live with happy hearts that are at ease. Ameen

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